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Chef Pomodoro Dough Proofing Box, 14 x 11-Inch, Fit 4-6 Dough Balls, Household Pizza Dough Tray Kit (Blue)

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  • MAKE PERFECT DOUGH for your pizzas, artisan breads, or croissant rolls every time. The Chef Pomodoro dough proofing box promotes pro-kitchen level fermentation at your fingertips. To encourage complex flavor development and the chewiest texture for your baking goodies.
  • MASS FERMENT up to 4-6 dough balls sized for 12”-14” thin crust pizzas. The Chef Pomodoro food-safe dough box with lid measures in at 14” x 11” x 3” - large enough to comfortably fit fully proofed dough without touching the lid.
  • AIRTIGHT LID snaps into place to secure the best environment for your bread and pizza dough to thrive. You can carefully control and monitor the temperature and humidity levels. For properly hydrated, softer dough that’s difficult to control from ordinary plastic food storage containers.
  • CONVENIENT CARRY HANDLE makes transporting your dough a cinch. Especially when traveling or cooking for a crowd. And snap-shut clasps make sure your lid always stays secure while in storage or on the move.
  • TRANSPARENT & STACKABLE trays feature a recess handle when not in use, so you can safely stack multiple dough boxes and save fridge space. Being transparent also allows an easy check on your rising dough through the container, without having to remove the lid and interrupt proofing.

Product Summary

The Chef Pomodoro airtight dough box is a kitchen essential for homemade pizza and bread buffs. Our dough trays are expertly designed to be deep enough to allow for proper proofing - while streamlined enough for space-saving stacking in your fridge.

No more accidentally drying it out or peeling plastic wrap off your dough that didn’t have enough room to rise.

Get professional chef quality, supple, moist dough right in your kitchen.

Care Instructions

  • Hand Washing Recommended.
  • Dough Box is top level dishwasher safe


  • Materials: BPA-free Food-Safe ABS Plastic
  • Meaurement: 14” x 11” x 3” / 35.5 cm x 28 cm x 7.6 cm

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Very Handy

These are very handy Pizza dishes and the holes in the bases make baking them much less of a guessing game than placing pizzas on the over racks.We don't use the stand to cook them but just to cool them a little before slicing the pizza.They are dishwasher proof and fold away nicely and overall they've proven to be a first class alternative to the local take-a-way option because we can decide how much of what to put on the pizzas and they are always hot when we're ready for them using ingredients we know we can trust.

Alison Sutherland
A must -have!!!

Great quality for a great price!! Highly recommend !