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Chef Pomodoro Pizza Baking Set with 3 Pizza Pans and Pizza Rack, Non-stick Perforated Pizza Trays, for Oven, Grill, Barbeque (13-Inch Pans)


  • ULTIMATE PIZZA SET: The 4 piece set is a great solution for prepping and cooking 4 pies at once. Coming home and in a rush? Friends are coming over in a pinch? Cut down the cooking time in half by baking up to 3 pies, tarte, flambées or other frozen snacks in the oven all at the same time.
  • THREE PERFORATED 13-INCH PANS: Each plate can be used to cook up to 13-inch pizzas. Easily bake frozen pizzas, or mix it up with other snacks such as frozen fries or sweet pies. Each carbon steel pans distribute heat evenly and can withstand oven temperatures of 450°C. With perforated holes, heat also cooks the underbelly of the foods of each layer as it rises.
  • READY-TO-USE OUT OF THE BOX The pans are separated by a steel rack and it comes with a safety latch for stability. Place the rack in the oven and starting from the bottom, load up each layer with your uncooked foods.
  • AMPLE SPACE: There is enough space between the layers for your favorite toppings or cook a variety of different foods on each tray at the same time. From mozzarella sticks, sausages, fries or other types of finger foods, get dinner ready fast!
  • CLEAN: The non-stick surface makes it super easy to clean. The 4-set baking set is a must-have cook tool to get cooking done for large groups, families and kids.

Product Summary

Chef Pomodoro’s 4-Piece Pizza Rack is made for convenience! Prep and cook a variety of foods at the SAME time in the oven. Designed with convenience and practicality in mind, the perforated pizza pans distribute heat evenly while the perforated holes allow heat to cook the underbelly so each layer cooks at the same time.


  • Place Chef Pomodoro’s Pizza Rack into the oven
  • Load each pan with your desired pizza, pie or finger foods
  • Build the rack by placing the pans starting from the bottom rack
  • Layer on the 2nd rack and lastly the 3rd rack
  • Once the food is finished, turn off the oven and carefully take out the pans, starting from the top to the bottom.

Care Instructions

  • Pizza Pan: Dishwasher safe; hand-wash recommended.
  • Pizza Rack: Wipe with a damp towel after every use. Not dishwasher safe

Pizza Rack: Stainless Steel
Perforated Pizza Pans: Non-stick stainless steel

11-Inch / 13-Inch Perforated Pizza Pans

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