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All Natural Acacia Wooden Pizza Peel

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  • 100% ALL NATURAL: Pure Gourmet Acacia Wood Pizza Peel is designed to look great with its natural wooden spatula paddle pattern look in the kitchen, on the wall, or slid into the cupboard
  • TAPERED EDGE: Our luxury wooden pizza serve paddle's sleek design allows you to use it in all baking and cooking situations – transfer uncooked pizza dough, cooked pizza, and homemade bread, pastries in and out of the oven, pan, or outdoor charcoal grill with ease.
  • PERFECTLY SIZED: The pizza spatula handle was made to fit snugly into your hand to give a secure grip and reduce slips. The peel provides enough thickness to guard against burning hot temperatures! Also a perfect size as a charcuterie board!
  • SAFETY: Protects the artisan baker's hands out of the hottest part of a wood-fired oven or grill and prevent burning their hands on hot baked goods
  • MUST HAVE: The perfect gift accessory for any artisan baker or pizza lover, combine Chef Pomodoro's wooden Pizza Peel with a pizza cutter and ceramic baking stone to make the best crispy crust!


Chef Pomodoro's All Natural Acacia Wood Gourmet Pizza Peel was crafted specifically for the pizza maker, home chef, and artisan baker. Luxuriously designed using acacia wood, its wooden properties are the perfect match for any kitchen décor, gourmet pizza parlor, and bakery. In addition to its natural rich pattern, its incredible strength prevents warping and subdues heat from transferring pizza and baked goods too and from an oven/grill. This wooden pizza peel is finished with chemical-free food oil for an elegant shine and to smooth out the edges.

Use Chef Pomodoro's Pizza Peel to transfer pizzas, bread, and other baked goods to and from the oven, outdoor grill, and wood-fired ovens. Immaculate to be used as a serving tray!

  1. Sprinkle with flour, cornmeal, or milled wheat bran to allow the pizza, bread, and baked goods to slide easily onto the peel.
  2. Carefully place onto a pizza stone, baking sheet, or tray with the peel
  3. Once finished cooking, slide out the pizza, bread, or baked goods from the oven using the peel
  4. Mmmm, enjoy and serve!


  • Wash the wooden pizza peel in warm, soapy water. Scrap off any excess food or crumbs from the peel using a soft sponge.
  • Thoroughly rinse with clean water. Do not soak the peel to prevent cracking or warping
  • Air dry on a dish rack or hang up on a cupboard or wall.
  • We recommend re-oiling your peel every 6 months with food-safe wood oil. After washing and thoroughly drying the peel, use a soft cloth to apply the oil in an even layer over the wood.
  • Leave the oil to soak into the wood overnight or a few hours at a minimum.
  • Remove any excess oil with a dry cloth after letting the peel sit overnight
  • Never put the pizza peel in a dishwasher.

MATERIALS: 100% All Natural Acacia Wood

MEASUREMENT: 13"x17.5"x0.5"

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Teresa Fitzgerald
Acacia Pizza Peel

Love this pizza peel. It looks good, it works well. I roll out my dough and prep the pizza on it then slide it onto the barbecue or into the oven. Delivery was quick too. Thank you Chef Pomodoro! Buon Appetito!

Dennis Silvers
pizza peel

Could be thinner, but definitely beautiful to look oat.

Laszlo Csohany
Great quality peel

Perfect for home use and the size just perfect, it’s easy to work with.

Who knew what a difference a peel makes.

When we first took the peel out of the packaging, the beauty of the wood was breathtaking. Then the peel really works as intended! Love it. Pretty enough to leave out next to my wood chopping boards.

Greg Leatherwood
A great-looking, functional, sturdy pizza peel

This is a genuinely useful pizza-making tool, sturdy and good-looking too! Suggestions for novice users: Your uncooked pizza will release from the peel into your oven more easily if your dough isn't too wet. If your pizza dough is on the wet side, knead in some more flour to make it less sticky. Dust the peel generously with flour before placing the rolled-out dough on your peel. Add toppings, then slide the pizza into the oven. The peel's wooden surface releases the pie more readily than aluminum peels. The peel is sturdy and holds up to a fair amount of abuse; the short handle is perfect for home kitchens. (Off topic: I highly recommend using a cast iron pizza pan or pizza steel for the ultimate home pizza bake).