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15" Round Pizza Stone, Glazed Natural Stone for Baking Ovens and Grills, Pizza Bread Baking

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  • GET FRESH PIZZERIA QUALITY PIZZA RIGHT FROM HOME any time. Chef preferred Cordierite pizza baking stone evenly distributes heat for perfectly cooked pizza every time. From crispy crust to that perfect gooey cheese stretch! And is absolutely odorless and flavorless so you never have to worry about tainted taste or chemical transfers to your food.
  • PREMIUM PROFESSIONAL GLAZE FINISH allows breads and pizzas to easily slide off. Expert glaze repels excess oils from seeping into the stone and damaging its integrity. Plus, helps prevent charring and keeps stone easy to clean.
  • WITHSTANDS UP TO 900F for the ideal piping hot flash cooking time traditional pizzas need. Unlike standard non stick kitchen cookware that typically maxes out at around 500F, the Chef Pomodoro oven pizza stone is designed to safely maintain the high temp heat, quality pizzas need to be perfected.
  • THE SECRET TO HOMEMADE BREAD with a crunchy crust and fluffy interior, is how it’s cooked. Just like pizza, the oven baking stone creates the perfect environment for making bakery-quality homemade rustic breads with the perfect texture inside and out.
  • HIGH QUALITY, DURABLE, AND SAFE. The Chef Pomodoro large pizza stone is 100% food safe and non-toxic. Reliable Cordierite stone stands up to high temperature and with proper care and maintenance, it can lasts years!


Bake the very best golden, crispy pizzas in your very own oven with Chef Pomodoro’s pizza stone. The pizza stone absorbs and withstands exceptionally high heat, making it an essential tool to get the golden crispy crust of a traditional wood-fired oven. The pizza stone is a must to make crusts from good to great by using the same quality crust-perfecting techniques professional pizza shops and bakeries use.

Easy to clean and amazingly versatile - the 15” stone is perfectly sized to fit in standard home & pizza ovens, and BBQ grills. But the premium glaze is the true start of any kitchen - both protecting the stone from rogue oils and making cleanup a breeze. With amazing heat retaining ability in stow, this next-level pizza stone is the ideal option for cooking at home and abroad.

Customer Reviews

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,Enrique Sherman
Great for Making Pizzas on Grill

I use my grill as much as possible to cook stuff, since natural gas is so cheap. I've made a few pizzas on this thing and they come out just as good as when I use my electric oven. Also you don't have all that heat being dumped into your house [ Which is great in summer ]. It cleans up pretty easily. Worth it if you use your grill a lot and want to get more mileage out of it.

,Gabriele Ollikkala
Great Pizza Stone

We made a pizza in the oven on this stone. What a difference it makes. the crust comes out perfectly crisp, but not overdone. It is easy to clean up, and being it is 14 inches, it accommodates a family size pizza. We have not used it on the BBQ, but will later on in the Spring or Summer. I would recommend it.

,Debbie calianno
Great pizza stone

I bought this pizza stone to replace one that I had for many years. It heats well and is easy to clean

The Pizza sticks and hard to clean

The pizza sticks and I have to scrub hard to clean the stone. I dont know if there is a seasoning process. It appears to be a non stick surface. My old stone broke when my husband tried cooking pizza on the barbecue grill. It had the perfect seasoning even though it was porous when I first got it. I am not sure why this nonstick surface sticks but it does and super hard to clean.