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Pizza Cutter Rocker Knife with Protective Cover, Multipurpose 14 Inch Mezzaluna Chopper with Super Sharp Stainless Steel


At Chef Pomodoro, we're obsessed with beautifully cut, symmetric pizza slices and freshly chopped IG-worthy salads. That is why we have designed our mezzaluna knife to produce satisfying results every time. This pizza scissor alternative is actually an all-in-one cutting, chopping, and mincing tool to replace everything from lettuce choppers to brownie cutters. Simply hold the handle firmly from both ends, press it over your pizza, bread, or vegetables and rock it back and forth for precise slicing. <br><br>The durable stainless steel blade resists rust and is made to retain its sharpness over time. The ergonomic handle allows comfortable usage without slipping from your hands. Make sure to store it in the included protective cover to prevent injury or damage from the blade during storage. <br><br>The sleek, smooth construction of this cutting accessory enables easy cleaning without gathering dirt and debris. Wash manually or load it in your dishwasher without any worry of damaging this item. Save yourself the struggle of blunt knives and uneven pieces, and have a rocking time as you prepare to serve your favorite foods!

✅ 14-INCH PIZZA SLICER: One of the most versatile kitchen gadgets, this unique rocking knife is long enough to neatly cut any pizza, large to small, besides being perfect for mincing and chopping ingredients while you cook.
✅ MULTIPURPOSE PRECISION KNIFE: This slicing tool is for any chef who loves perfection. Use this as a cheese cutter, dough cutter, vegetable chopper, or cheesecake slicer for dividing your foods neatly and evenly.
✅ SHARP STAINLESS STEEL BLADE: Our pizza steel cutter blade is made from wear-resistant, rust-proof stainless steel that is super-sharp to do the job in one quick to-and-fro rocking motion as you press it over your pizzas, paninis, and more.
✅ ERGONOMIC HANDLE AND PROTECTIVE BLADE COVER: These pizza oven accessories have a comfortable handle to help you maintain a firm grip during use. A protective blade cover enables safe storage and preserves the sharpness of the blade.
✅ DISHWASHER SAFE: Our pizza knife rocker is easy to clean. Made to withstand high temperatures and strong chemicals, you can easily load it into your dishwasher once you're done using it for the day.

Customer Reviews

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The pizza cutter works but it is just too big. We bake some of our pizzas on cookie sheets. The slicer is too big to make the cut easily. It is very sharp so wouldnt be good for kids to use.

Great cutting tool

Great cutter. For pizza. Veggies. And it really cuts easily and is very stable. A little smaller than others Ive tried

Stephane Doucet

Pizza Cutter Rocker Knife with Protective Cover, Multipurpose 14 Inch Mezzaluna Chopper with Super Sharp Stainless Steel

No More Messy Slices

Gone are the days of messy pizza slices. This cutter makes perfectly even cuts every time.

Jocelyn Brugger
Comfortable Grip

The handle on this cutter is comfortable to grip and easy to use. I love it!