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Detroit Style Pizza Pan, 14 x 10-Inch

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MAKE AUTHENTIC DETROIT STYLE PIZZA. Modeled after the OG 10”X14”X2.5” blue steel auto parts trays from the Motor City that started it all - the Chef Pomodoro Detroit style pizza pan gives you a bonafide traditional “All corners”, 2.5-inch deep Detroit pizza every time. So you can pack it with fillings and flavor in every bite!
PERFECTLY COOKED CRUST. Satisfyingly crunchy crust that’s crispy from edge to edge on the outside and bottom, yet airy and light within - even with store bought crust! And authentic Detroit style pizza dish design supports classic cheese caramelization all the way up to the edge of the dough. The Chef Pomodoro Detroit Pizza Pan gives you the perfect Motown style crust other baking dishes and pizza pans just weren't designed to get right.
PRE SEASONED AND NONSTICK Detroit style pizza dish is ready to bake out-of-the-package, and pre oiled so each inch of your pizza always releases effortlessly. After dinner cleanup is as simple as a quick soak in soapy water.
COOKS SAVORY AND SWEET FOODS. Make casseroles and focaccia, or use it as your go-to “Grandma’s” Sicillian pizza pan. But the Chef Pomodoro pizza pan is also the perfect baking tray for extra-thick brownies, super-sized cakes, and deep dish desserts, too!
HEAVY DUTY square pizza pan holds up to heavy use (and heavy food!) And hard anodized aluminum is designed to maintain the proper conduction and even heating to perfect deep dish pizza crust.


Product Summary:
The Chef Pomodoro Detroit Style Pizza dish is your go-to pan for authentic Detroit pizza at home (no matter where you are!). Our pizza pans are inspired by the exact shape and size of the original Motown auto factory trays that birthed the Detroit style. So you can expect each pie you make to have the same qualities you love in Detroit pizza. Corner to corner caramelized cheese, flavorful, airy, crunchy crust, and every bite nearly 3 inches thick!

Cleaning Instructions:
Hand Wash only. Not dishwasher safe.

Technical Specifications:
Size: 10”X14”

Material: Anodized Aluminum

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Richie Ruggiero
Great pan

Love it makes Amazing pizza

B Kim Marlor
Do it right

Perfect size & well built. Looking forwards to making Detroit Style pizza more often now Should last a lifetime!

Wally Tuchardt
Awesome Pan

Works perfectly. Cleans easily. Well made.