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Cooking Wooden Utensils, Spoons, Spatula for Kitchen, 5-Piece Set, 12" Long, Non Stick Cookware Tools or Utensils Includes Wooden Spoon, Spatula, Fork, Slotted Turner (White)

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  • SET OF FIVE WOODEN UTENSILS FOR COOKING: This complete set with spoon, fork, corner spoon, slotted spatula, and turner is a must-have for all chefs, from beginners to pros. The versatility and elegant white handles make them look great while you saute, mix, or serve your tempting creations.
  • 12-INCH RUSTIC ACACIA WOOD SPOONS: Each piece of our wooden kitchen utensil set is made to offer the best functionality while looking modern in your kitchen. At 12 inches long, they're just the right size for safe mixing over a burning stove or inserting into deep salad bowls for serving.
  • NON-STICK COOKWARE WITH COMFORT GRIP: The ergonomic handles of our lightweight wooden cooking utensils offer a firm, comfortable grip. Moreover, their non-stick finish prevents the buildup of gross, sticky residue. Hand wash and keep dry after use and avoid exposure to dishwashers, microwaves, and ovens.
  • SAUTE, TOSS, MIX, OR SERVE: Never underestimate the benefits of wood cooking utensils! Unlike stainless steel, they won't scratch and ruin your non-stick pots and pans, or transfer heat to their handle to burn your fingers. Whether you're sautéing vegetables, smoothening lumpy sauces, or tossing macaroni for some quick pasta, you know what to use.
  • ORGANIC, ECO-FRIENDLY, AND DURABLE: Our acacia wood utensils for cooking harm neither the environment, nor your food. They don't leach harmful chemicals, and their organic nature makes them a great choice over other materials. High-quality and hard-wearing, they're perfect for rough, everyday use.

Product Summary

Make your daily meal preps snappy and convenient with the Chef Pomodoro wooden utensils set for cooking. Our set of five lightweight, heatproof kitchenware is made to keep you cool and comfortable while you mix, toss, saute, serve, or turn your ingredients. This multipurpose set can assist you in creating and serving all kinds of dishes, from juicy vegetable salads to lump-free gravy and piping hot spaghetti. The rustic will complement any kitchen, while the white handles provide an elegant, modern touch.

Unlike other materials, these super-durable and eco-friendly acacia wood spoons and spatulas don't scratch the precious non-stick layer off your favorite pots and pans, neither will the handle heat up to burn your fingers when working over a hot stove. With their ergonomic design, they'll also keep your hands from cramping as you smooth down stubborn mixtures. Their organic nature means there are no harmful chemicals to sneak into your food, either.

With its smooth, non-stick finish, our wooden spoon set won't let gunky residue build up over it. Just make sure to avoid the dishwasher; wash by hand and dry immediately. We also don't recommend placing these utensils in the microwave or baking ovens. A little care is all that is needed to make this set last for decades!

Care instructions

  • Avoid the dishwasher; wash by hand and dry immediately.
  • Do not place these utensils in the microwave or baking ovens.


  • Material: Acacia Wood
  • Dimensions: 12-inch Long

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Robert R Albaugh
Essential Kitchen Set

This 5-piece set of cooking utensils is essential in any kitchen. It has everything I need.

Karishma Khanna
Non-Stick Friendly

These utensils are great for non-stick cookware. They won't scratch the surface like metal utensils.

Perfect Gift

This set makes a perfect gift for anyone who loves to cook. The quality is excellent.

Beautiful & Functional

These utensils are beautiful and functional. The acacia wood adds a nice touch to my kitchen.

Sturdy and Durable

These utensils are sturdy and durable. I've been using them for a few months and they're holding up great.