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Chef Pomodoro Pizza Steel for Oven or BBQ Grill, Pre-seasoned Baking Steel, High Quality and Durable Carbon Steel, Compatible with Ooni Koda 12, Square, 13 x 13 x ¼ Inches (33.0 x 33.0 x 0.6 cm)


  • ✅ FAST-COOKING PIZZA STEEL FOR THE GRILL AND OVEN: The new pizza chef's favorite cooking tool has superior thermal properties that allow quicker cooking times, gorgeous flavors, and the perfect charred crusts for cooking pizzas. Not only that, it can bake scrumptious breads, cookies, and pies. Bake the perfect Neapolitan pizza with a puffed-up, airy crust and dough that blisters symmetrically throughout.
  • ✅ 1/4-INCH THICK DURABLE CARBON STEEL BAKING STONE: For oven baking indoors or outdoor cooking on a grill, you can trust this high-quality 13-inch square steel pan with its thickness allowing superb heat retention and radiation. It won't crack under the highest of baking temperatures or experience thermal shock, like traditional ceramic pizza stones.
  • ✅ PRE-SEASONED NON-STICK SURFACE: Don't worry or fret about cheese or other toppings getting stuck to the baking tray! The steel surface comes ready to use, pre-seasoned with multiple thin layers of flaxseed oil enabling piping hot pies to slide right out without leaving any residue. Pair with Chef Pomodoro's pizza peels to successfully launch raw pizza and scoop cooked pizzas with ease!
  • ✅ EASY HANDLING: This pizza steel for ovens features finger holes on the top corner for safe and convenient carrying, handwashing or hanging after use. Keep it dry and re-season occasionally to enjoy gourmet style pizzas fresh from your home oven, ready in 6 minutes or sooner.
  • ✅ VERSATILE COOKING OPTIONS: Our steel bakeware is compatible with pizza ovens such as Ooni Koda 12 as well as standard hosuehold baking ovens and grills. Use it as a baking stone for bread, an outdoor stovetop griddle, or a grilling pan. The carbon steel's consistent heat conduction won't disappoint no matter what you throw at it!

Take your culinary expertise to the next level with the Chef Pomodoro steel pizza stone. Whether you're craving the perfectly cooked Neapolitan pizza or a some flaky artisan bread with a looser crumb, this must-have piece of bakeware will help you create the recipes of your dreams. Pizza purists and gourmet chefs love how it makes the crust satisfyingly crisp and golden-brown on the outside with a beautiful hole structure inside.

Our durable carbon steel stone comes pre-seasoned with thin layers of flaxseed oil to provide a non-stick surface that is ready to cook and bake over. Use it as a stovetop grill or a cooking griddle for eggs, pancakes, and other hearty breakfast items as long as it's kept seasoned, or turn it into a cookie baking pan or tortilla skillet. There are endless possibilities with this simplistic 13-inch kitchen accessory; just keeep it away from the dishwasher and care for it like your cast iron cookware.

The superior heat retaining properties of carbon steel enable an evenly hot surface to allow a consistent cooking temperature, while its heat radiating quality gets your recipes ready faster, in a matter of minutes. The pre-seasoned surface helps avoid charred bits of food from sticking to it. Meanwhile, the finger holes help you carry it to and from your stovetop or oven safely, and hang it over a wall when you're done using it. For re-seasoning, apply a fine coat of cooking oil to the surface and bake it in the oven for 450 F for 30 minutes. Tough enough for both indoor and outdoor use, our square pizza stone will definitely come in handy when you need to impress your guests with some flavorsome creations or satisfy your own tastebuds with mouthwatering goodies fresh from the oven.

Customer Reviews

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Scuba Steve
What Your Pizzas Been Missing

Ive been making homemade pizzas for 10+ years. I make everything from scratch - dough, cheese, and sauce. Never loved the traditional stone as they have broke on me and while they produced a good pie it wasnt perfect, especially from my Ooni Koda Oven.

My steel stone always produced the best results in my home oven but that didnt fit inside the Ooni. I figured to find a pizza steel that did fit inside the Ooni, and this is it. While it preheats very quickly (2 minutes to 650), you should still let it absorb all of the heat for a good 20 to 25 minutes as the 650 is purely surface temp only and the heat needs to work its way through the steel. My stone gets up to over 850 in this time frame and produces a nice char on the bottom of the crust while the top of the Ooni takes care of the rest.

Ive only had it for two weeks so I cant speak to durability yet.

Palm Harbor
Great Crust

Owning several pizza restaurants in the past and making our own dough, sauce, you learn that every aspect of making a great pizza is everything combined! The stone, or in this case, steel, helps give the crust a nice, airy crusty rise after properly proofing your dough.
I feel the stone that i have does a slight superior job as far as turn around if you are making pizza for guests. The heat loss seems quicker with this, vs the stone. The one thing I do not need to worry about is, I cant break this like i have with so many retail stones brick/stones. This thing is HEAVY!
I actually leave it in the oven for baking in general as the more mass the better. P.S. if you are wondering, no, my home pizza is still a little off from when we had the restaurants, but everyone raves about them. Think water, altitude, ovens, etc.
One other thing, I have an Ooni but have not fired it up with this, yet! I will post some pictures/videos when i do!