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Large Non-Stick Baking Sheet and Cooling Rack Set (18.5 x 12.2")

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  • COMPLETE BAKING SHEET & COOLING RACK SET is the perfect kitchen duo for people who love to bake, fry, toast, and roast (AND save precious cabinet space!). Get better tasting, faster cooking, and healthier food out of the oven and onto your plate in no time. Then clean up easy with anti-rust, dishwasher safe carbon steel. Set contains one cooling rack and tray.
  • AIR FRY IN YOUR OWN OVEN the crispiest bacon, chicken, french fries and more - using the convection setting! Elevated cooling rack nests perfectly inside the baking sheet to promote hot air circulation; while releasing oil that otherwise soaks into your food on stovetop. Reduce the fat and don't compromise the crunch.
  • ROAST with ease! Nest the rack inside the baking sheet to keep your roasting veggies and meats elevated. The 1 inch deep sheet works as a roasting pan to collect natural food juices and drippings to make delicious gravies, stocks, and more.
  • BAKE oven-fresh ooey, gooey cookies that stick to your sweet tooth - but never the pan! Easy-release non-stick coating gets your still warm and fragile cookies safely off the cookie sheet and onto the cooling rack to finish cooking to your perfect texture and temp.
  • MORE EFFICIENT COOKING. Dark steel cooks food faster than glass or aluminum cookie sheets by getting hot quicker and retaining heat longer. So you can avoid burnt, charred cookies with better temperature control and even heating (up to 450 degrees!) Extra wide rims make easy handling and oven transfers a breeze - even when the sheet is full of drippings!


The Chef Pomodoro Baking Sheet and Cooling Rack is the multi-purpose oven dish set you’ve been looking for. The pieces work perfectly hand-in-hand when used with each other; but can also work separately for a variety of cooking and baking needs. Our anti-warp, carbon steel baking sheet is designed with versatility in mind to handle basic baking, toasting, and roasting functions. Use the elevated cooling rack outside of the oven to safely rest your baked goods away from the heat - or inside the oven by nesting it into the pan to roast, broil, and fry.

Carbon steel construction heats evenly and quickly for faster, perfectly cooked dishes each time. Plus it’s dishwasher safe and warp-proof. So cooking and cleanup are never a chore.

Care Instructions:
Baking Sheet: Dishwasher safe. Hand washing is recommended to extend the life of the pan.
Cooling Rack: Hand wash only.

Package Contents:
1 x Baking Sheet: 18.5” X 12.2” X 3/4”
1 x Cooling Rack: 16” X 10”

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Jocelyn Brugger
Great product

This was an is awesome. Love cooking with it. You do have clean the rack a like anything else.